Movies that inspire you to travel

Sometimes we need a little inspiration to leave everything we have and set off to travel the world. So we have compiled some of the movies that we like the most and we hope they give you a little push  to travel  😋

The list is not finished … gradually we will add more to the list!

The way

Into the wild


The Motorcycle Diaries



The Way Back

The Beach

Life of Pi

Cast Away

Out of Africa

Darjeeling Limited

The Salt of the Earth

Seven Years in Tibet

Lawrence of Arabia

Some of the links that appear in this article are affiliate links. That means that we get a small commission for each sale. This helps us to maintain the website and of course it helps us to continue crossing borders and telling stories that we could not otherwise tell. For you it is totally FREE, it will not suppose you any extra cost and  all the recommendations that are here is because we really think that they can help you in your road trip.

What is the movie that inspires you to travel?

What movie do you recommend us?

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