Reasons for living and travelling the world in a camper van

Travelling in a camper van around the world is an adventure that must be done at least once in a lifetime. And if not, closes your eyes for a moment and imagine that you are driving along one of the most beautiful roads on earth, in a journey where each second is anew, each face hides a different story.

Imagine yourself discovering thousands of new things and how you discover yourself with them

What do you think? Do you like the idea? If your answer is YES, keep reading, we tell you some of the reasons why we think this way of life and travelling are a wonderful experience.

🌍 You are FREE.  When travelling in a van you are flexible, you let yourself go, you can change the route, if there is one, and take detours to new sites and places. If you arrive to one spot and you like it, you park your van, you make it yours. Your new home.
It is your trip, a different way of living! You are the owner of your time.

💰 It is the CHEAPEST way to live travelling, to live on the road. Wherever you are your house goes with you. You have where to sleep and cook, regardless of where you are. The rent and bills are left behind.

🌜You will fall in LOVE with nature. You will be immersed in nights lit by the moon, you will see stars, comets and constellations. You might even want to start learning astrology. You will hear the rain falling on the roof of the van, you will breath the smell of trees, the sea, the many other thing you don’t pay attentions in your daily life. Everything is magnified. You will enjoy of dolphins at dawn and deer in the mountains. At the end, this way of living offers you a direct contact with nature and the world where you live.

Beautiful moment with a monkey
Perito Moreno Glacier
Humpback whale jump
Atacama Desert

🎉 You DISCOVER what you can not find in the travel guides, the hospitality of those you do not know and many more things you can not imagine. Go slowly and enjoy the adventure.

Sosneado Valley – Argentina

🤸 A NEW awakening each day. You will be surprised of the countless places where you can camp and overnight for free. No matter if you are on the coast or in the mountains, each day you will have a different garden where you can read, explore, paint, walk…

✌️ SOCIAL. There are people travelling in a van all around the world, there will always be someone with whom you can share experiences, tips, good moment, a glass of wine … People who will become part of your life and adventure. You will meet people eager to find out about the way you live travelling. The will want to know, to tell you, to show you, the will open their houses for you.

🚌 Life is more SIMPLE and EASY when you live in van. You realize you need less than half to live. The value of the being overshadow the wish of having.

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💗 TOLERANCE and RESPECT. You learn from new cultures, customs and traditions that have nothing to do with yours, and at the same time you realize that we all have many things in common.

In some way we are all the same, people wherever you go.

Travelling with a van is addictive!

You only have to begin!

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