How to install a solar panel on a camper van

To install a solar panel is quite simple. We didn’t know how to do it, and it didn’t take us more than an hour.

Nowadays it remains in place and operates very well 😉

Installed Items:

  • 100 W Flexible solar panel (if you want it can be rigid)
  • 10 Amp Charger Controler
  • 100 Apm Cycle Deep Gel battery
  • 1000 W Power Inverter
  • Cables and Connectors; male and female
  • Sikaflex silicon (you can use any silicon but we recommend that one)

We bought a pack which included: solar panel, charge controller, cables and connectors for the installation. But if you prefer you can purchase each item separately.

Step by step (very simple)

  • Place the panel on the roof of the van, wherever you would like it to be, and draw a mark in each of the 4 holes in the corners of the solar panel.
  • We make a small hole in each mark, like that the screw will go through easier.
  •  We set the panel using metal screws, and once the panel is fixed, we make a fifth hole through which we will bring the cables for the connections.
  •  Set the charger controller vertically in the van, in such a way that you have easy access to make the connections.
  •  First we connect the battery to the controller; positive – positive/negative- negative. The symbols are perfectly clear and indicated in both, the battery and the controller.
  •  Connect the controller to the solar panel. From the controller we have 2 cables with connectors, male and female, they would be connected to the 2 connectors coming from the solar panel, female and male.
  •  Set the power inverter in the van, and connect it to the battery. Positive-positive /negative-negative.
  •  Finally, we cover the screws on the solar panel and the 5th hole for the cables with Sikaflex, like that, we will stop water from leaking inside and it won’t be easy to steal the panel.

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Scheme from the charge controller

On a sunny day, the fridge and the computer can be connected throughout the day and the battery indicator shows “battery full”. If there is only some clarity the panel still charging, even in a very cloudy day.

The fridge and the solar installation has been the best investment.


  • Mark the cables well, to differentiate Positive from Negative.
  • It is advisable to allow a small flow of air between the panel and the roof of the van, it won`t get to hot and therefore it would be more efficient.
  • We can use one or several solar panels, bigger or smaller, we can put a dual controller for two batteries, or simply a larger battery. The connections are very simple.

Do you have a solar panel?

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