Step by Step Handbook

“How to make your own bed for your van”

We have given shape to this idea in order to obtain a great functional bed, where everything is accessible from the inside as well as from the outside opening the back or side doors. The space is maximized by giving a large storage capacity to the van, where everything can be reached easily. The bed gives a lot of amplitude to the van, and at the same time, the mechanism of it allows you to have the bed ready just  in seconds.

To whom is the DIY Camper Bed Handbook?

DIY Camper Bed Handbook is for you if:
  • You are thinking about converting your van but you are not sure about the design and you do not even know how to start the proyect.
  • You are looking for a simple and cheap way to make your van into a home.
  • You are a person interested in living and / or travelling in a camper van, either long or short term.
  • You are thinking about launching into nomadic life in a camper van and you would love to build your van without spending a fortune.

Step by Step Manual:
Measures adaptable to any van

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All you need to know about making a camper bed you’ll have in this HANDBOOK:

  • We have detailed all the tools you need and all the materials to use.
  • Its dimensions and measures.
  • It can be adapted to any van.
  • More than 60 detailed images.
  • Explanations that will guide you step by step through this process.
  • You will enjoy a functional bed, comfortable and easy to operate.
  • You will have a lot of storage and save a lot of money.
  • And all this without spending a fortune.

How much is it?

The price of DIY CAMPER BED Handbook is 4.95€

Testimonios Felices

I bought the manual a few weeks ago and just finished camperizing my mercedes vito with the camper bed manual.
Practical manual! The best is the step by step with all detailed photographs. Thank you
Very well explained guys. I have built the bed seat for my sprinter adapting the measurements. 100% recommendable

Since we have no source of income, the aim of this book is to use its profits to maintain our website and to continue sharing information with other people who want to travel. Please do not make copies and value the effort of two people trying to fulfill the dream of travel round the world.

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