DIY Awning

To have an awning is a very good idea but they are very expensive and need to be homologated.

How to solve it? we do it by ourselves! Cheap and easy! 😉


  • 3 meters of aluminium awning rail, for diameter of 6mm
  • 3 meters of flexible awning line of 6mm diameter
  • Tarp Camping shelter/ refuge 3m x 3m

Step by Step:

  • First thing to do is to set the guide to the roof railing or roof of the van, the rail comes with holes so you can drill and fix it to the roof easily.

  • The flexible awning line has a space where you put the fabric awning in, and then you have to sew it all together. 

Important! Use a needle for thick fabrics with you sewing machine.

  • It´s done! We already have our awning that fits perfectly to the aluminium rail attached to the van.

Quick and easy assembly, you only have to slide the awning through the guide. It takes 10 seconds.

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Click on the links below and get the items:

Go for it! with enthusiasm and little bit of money we can have a basic and effective awning, which can be use as well as a shelter.


2 comentarios en “DIY Awning”

  1. Hey there, think I’ll do this with my Transporter! Thanks!
    Would it be a good idea to seal around the screws?
    Happy travels!

    1. vantravellers

      Hi! Yes it is. Around any screw you place or any hole you make on the outside it is always better you put some Sikaflex.
      Enjoy the awning 🙂

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