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We are Javi and Lidia, a couple who in 2014 we decided to move to a 1994 VW T4 campervan and live in an unconventional way, we decided to pursue a dream without borders that would take us around the world. We have travelled 34 countries and we have done more than 81.452 km with our house on wheels, La Furiosa.

Who are we?

JAVI –  I was born in June 1983 in Guadalajara, I finished my studies, started working and when I turned 22 it was the first time that I left what many people claim to be a secure job, with a secure salary to have a secure future.

Ever since I have not stopped pursuing my dreams and goals. I understand life as a cluster of more or less lasting stages that keep shaping our personality to carve a clear and precise face. Close to what we really are.

In 2014 I converted an old van into what is still today, my home. With her I get lost around the world after the magic of the unknown, which makes me change.


LIDIA – I am cheerful and restless, always looking for new projects and I have a need to travel that I cannot control.

I was born in Barcelona in November 1985, I moved with my family to Guadalajara in 1997. I wanted to be a police officer, I studied chemistry and at the age of 21 I set up a business with Javi.

I began to travel, I lost the fear of the unknown and the uncertainty of leaving a permanent job, I sold my belongings and I am a FREE person. I realized that my time is worth more than money and I cannot stand the idea of working 11 months a year for the rest of my life, while feeding the unjust system that we belong to.

I want to enjoy, understand and be aware of what nature gives us.

And of course I want to grow, I want to meet with my being.


The first step we took to live travelling was to get our house on wheels, La Furiosa. (Click HERE to see our van).

After that we quit our jobs. It wasn’t too difficult, in fact, it was a real pleasure and the first feeling of freedom came. We pack our belongings in boxes and leave them stacked in a storage room.

Over a month we planned our first big trip by camper van in Europe, we researched information about the countries that we were going to pass through … and with the rest we would just wing it.

In two weeks we prepared the van for our overland adventure. We started the road trip with basic things. At that time we used a folding table which also formed part of the bed, an inflatable mattress, two camping chairs, a 12 V compressor fridge, a second Deep Cycle gel battery solar,  our bikes from our childhood and a few cheap plastic boxes for storage where we kept our clothes, food, first-aid kit and camping stove.

We had savings, a lot of enthusiasm and a crazy desire to start what would be the journey of our lives.

On May 29, 2014 we began our dream.

It was six months where we drove through 13 countries and made about 13,750 km between Spain and Greece. It was an enriching experience where we keep learning and knowing, where the nomadic life hooked us and we fell in love.

After so many kilometres of waking up every morning with a new sun, after so many new faces, surprises and unforgettable moments we just wondered;

“why stop here?”

“Why not continue doing what we like?”

“Why not share our joy with others?”

So we decided to restructure our lives and create a new project called VAN TRAVELERS where you will find:

  • Useful information that will inspire you to fulfill your dream.
  • List of documents and luggage necessary to travel with your camper van.
  • Budget traveller to organize your road trip.
  • DIY Camper for your home on wheels.
  • Hiking routes and driving itineraries with useful maps so you will feel nature in its purest form.
  • Guides to cross your camper van from one continent to another without customs agent.
  • Map with more than 500 overnight places for free with photos, coordinates and information of every wildcamping. It is jewel!
  • There are anecdotes and travelling reflections for you to laugh for a while.
  • And you can not miss our travel guides so you can plan the essential visits to each country.

With this community that grows every day, we hope to give a little push and encourage those souls who want to leave everything behind and go out to explore the wonderful world where we live.

If we have done it, you can do it too!

Get inspired and learn how to live the VAN LIFE with useful tips, links, resources, recommendations and all the information needed to live on road.

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Since we have no source of income, the aim of this book is to use its profits to maintain our website and to continue sharing information with other people who want to travel. Please do not make copies and value the effort of two people trying to fulfill the dream of travel round the world.

And you, do you have a dream to fulfill?
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