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Documents required to travel Turkey by camper van

In spite of the fact that Turkey is a country outside the European Union, and belonging to the Middle East, it is simple, quick and easy to prepare all the documents and paperwork to cross its borders with your own vehicle.

The first thing you need to deal with is the visa, which you can get online in the next link The visa allows you to get in and out the country as many times as you like for no longer than 90 days within 6 months. Those 6 month start from the date you requested to enter the country.

We filled the application for the visa 2 days before crossing to Turkey, and it only took 30 minutes to receive it by email. Once you get it, you must print it. It can be paid with credit card, price 20€.

Documents you must submit to the customs office to drive your own van in Turkey are:

  • Passport
  • Driving license (if your stay exceeds 3 months you will need the International Driving Permit)
  • Driving permit ( permit/registration/certificate for making the vehicle legal to drive/circulate rather than the driver)
  • Green Card (your insurance company will give it to you)

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If your intention is not to visit Istanbul, neither to enter or exit the country, we recommend you take a ferry from Galipoli to…. , It takes 15 minutes and the price is 35 Turkish lira (10€) the van and 2 people. If you decide to take the ferry either way, you won`t have to cross the bridges, you will save money and you won`t have to drive on the crazy traffic that surrounds the city. You DON´T need to book the ferry in advance.

If on the other hand your intention is to visit Istanbul you will have to cross the bridges. There is not other way. In our way in we crossed one of them, but we did NOT pay for it. It is not well indicated, it is not well signposted, and we did not see where to pay. So far, no problem.

To cross the bridge from west to east it is better to drive early in the morning. There is much less traffic. On the contrary, crossing from east to west it is better to drive late afternoon / evening.



And you, have you travelled to Turkey?

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