Chaitén Volcano Hike

Although pretending to pass unnoticed, the Chaitén Volcano stand visible in the distance, this colossus that in 2008 darkened the sky of this town and spread mountains of ashes that covered the streets and houses, causing the quickest evacuation of the history of Chile.

In the early hours of the 2sd of May 2008, the Volcano Chaitén awoke from a 9000 year old nap, opening its throat and shaking its surroundings. On the 3rd of May more than 4000 people had been evacuated from this small town, people with masks and children in their arms were jumping to the emergency coats that the navy had arranged.

After five days of continuous explosions, houses falling apart and literally, mountains of ashes hidden under a black sky, the court of the tenth region ordered a forced evacuation of anyone who was reluctant to leave their land, leaving their animals and their home to the mercy of the nature.

While the Chaitén turned into a ghost town some tried to take advantage of the misfortunes of other, and mocking the little vigilance around the villages, plunder the houses of those who had already lost everything.

If you are interested there are two videos than explains the eruption of Volcano Chaitén in 2008

After 2 years during which Pumalin Park was closed, a new path was opened to the top of the volcano. This allows people to reach the edge of the smoking crater and watch as the volcano continues throwing fumaroles uninterruptedly.

It is Amazing!

The trail starts at the same Carretera Autral  at 34 km south of Caleta Gonzalo. It is accessible for everybody, although the last sandy stretch with loose stones can be very slippery.

The route is 4.4 km in total and about 3 hours return to, it is advisable to take water with and a cap for the sunny days.

During the walk you cross the burned forest, devastated by the eruption. The views of the surrounding forests, mountains and volcanoes are truly breathtaking.

This is a Patagonia Adventure you don’t want to miss!

Have you climbed the Chaitén Volcano? Would you like to go there?

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