Walking or Cycling Skopje

Firstly we looked for a place to spend the night, free of charge, quiet and not too far from the centre. In some cities this is not always easy. For us, the Boris Trajkovski Sports Centre was the perfect location. We could easily take the bikes and cross the Bonsai garden and travel along the Varda river to the centre of town. A nice flat route, much like the whole city.

Cycling you pass by the  Art bridge, or the famous stone bridge of Kames Mosque that joins the new part of town with the Islamic quarter. Here you can lose yourself, buy a bun, a burek or have a drink at one of the terraces. From this side of the Varda, probably better without bikes, you can climb up to the walls of the Kale fort.
Many of the government buildings are located along the edge of the river, they are new or still in the process of being constructed. They are also constructing bars and restaurants out of metal along the river in the shape of boats, , it doesn´t fit much the surroundings.
The sports centre was enormous, we had a coffee there whilst using the internet in the cafeteria and the receptionist of the swimming pool let us have a free shower there, although surrounded by thousands of over excited kids!
Remember if if you want to pop into the sports centre, you’ll have to leave the pistols at home or in the car. Maybe the referee will blow his whistle and a passionate fan is going to get angry.

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