Cheerful Serbia

We came across very happy and lively city, with busy streets and open people, without taboos, friendly and eager to enjoy and talk. People doing sports all day long, like in Novi Sad. We went to sleep, and they continued running, skating, playing basketball, cycling. We woke up, nothing had changed and it is not because we slept that much 😅

Walking or Cycling Belgrade

Driving at night into a city which you don`t know comes with the risk of choosing the wrong place to sleep. A neighborhood with a lot of noise at certain times, a very busy street very early in the morning, or a small square on the outskirts of the city, where there is not a soul when you arrive, but where the kids meet in the middle of the night to test their cars music equipment.

In Belgrade we got lucky and found the perfect place, quiet at night, nice to walk around during the day, and with easy access to the city center.

We slept for several nights in a parking lot located in Obrenovacki drum Street, by the shores of Sava Lake. It is an area where you can practice watersports, with restaurants, bars, a bicycle lane along the lake, a golf course, a first aid station, …

All along the lake and river Sava shore there is bicycle lane, which allow us to reach the Danube river and almost the center of Belgrade by bike, leaving many contrasts at our sides whilst cycling.

SerbiaBarcoOrillaWe passed by abandoned boats, full of rust and heaps of garbage around them , dozens of beautiful leisure boats lying in the piers, floating restaurant moored on the shores, spectacular boat houses of all sizes, beautiful and well kept, while further ahead another one rots and begin to sink. As you continue your way, you find factories, homes, bicycles workshops, mini markets and people who are afraid of losing their workshops and houses, because as we were told, the government has an urbanistic project to rebuild and change the Riviera of the Sava River.

The first day we decided to cross to the other side of the Sava, and cycling through the new Belgrade until Zemun. Zemun is a town that has been absorbed by the growth of the Serbian capital, and where some of the streets and buildings have been kept very well despite the 1999 bombing.

To explore the Old Belgrade, we went with our bikes until Brankov Most Bridge, the last one before the Danube. Right at the bridge, there is an elevator that take you to the upper part of it. Here we used to park the bikes in the surrounding and head to the center on foot.

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