Solving doubts. Yes, we are rich!

We have lost count of the times people has approach to us to ask the same question; “to live as you do, you must be rich, right?”

Tired of replying the same thing over and over again, we decided to alter the answer and see the reactions on people faces. Turn it into a funny situation instead of monotonous one.

“We won the lottery, a lot of money, and we have no longer to work anymore.”

“It is thanks to our parents; they want us to live Life so they make a monthly transfer into our account.  Also, twice a year they buy a plane ticket for us to go back home to see them from wherever we are in the world.”

“Somehow we got an inheritance from a relative we didn´t even know. Anyone dream”

“Several years ago we were able to get a monthly benefit from the government, it is not much, 600€ for each, but enough to enables us to live quite well.”

After replying this we always ask people, “What do you think?”

The expression on people´s faces change all the time; faces of disbelief, envy, astonishment, some congratulates you, some others bite the tongue…

And the funny thing is that most of this people who come to ask assume and take for granted of our economic wealth, while most of them usually have a mortgage, likely a closet full of clothes, a good bicycle, a house full equipped, several cars, maybe few kids, a mobile phone almost as expensive as our house “The Furious”, and obviously monthly bills to pay like; electricity, water, internet, cable TV, gas, some hobbies and some other dozens of things.

But in fact there is only one reality, one possible answer.

YES, we are rich in what we believe is our most precious thing, time.

We own our time, we manage and use it consciously, knowing that it is limited and its value is enormous.

The decision to live travelling in a van wasn´t hard, it didn´t gave us any headache, we didn’t have to think too much about it. It was like any other decision you make in live, it has made us improve and grow inside.

We have changed our job many times, had our small business and lived in different countries. Life is a permanent change and changes help you to know what you really like or want. To get to know yourself.

Like other travellers, we began our adventure living in van with savings and thanks to an austere life; refusing the unnecessary when the unnecessary does not make any sense.

Today we continue to use part of our savings, although we are giving life to beautiful projects that begging to bear fruit, to be profitable. 😀😀😀

On the other hand;

  • Lidia sells crafts
  • We cook mostly with fire
  • We recycle
  • We barter
  • We fish
  • We never pay to sleep. We love wild camping!

We have written a Handbook where we explain “Step by Step to make a camper bed”. 

You can find it HERE

After 3 years on the road we published our second ebook, “A Guide to living the Van Life”. We have wanted to capture in these 257 pages everything learned and needed to live or travel in a camper van, and like that, allow others to enjoy a book that we wish we had had. You can find it HERE ✌️

Economically speaking, we believe how rich you’re not only depends on how much you earn, but how much you need to cover your needs.

As it is said;

“Isn´t richer who owns more, but who need less”


Click on the pictures and read our travel budget for 6 month in Europe

Click on the picture and read our travel budget for a year in South America

Would you like to live travelling? Do you have any advice?

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