Photo Journey through Route 40


Created in 1935, the legendary Route 40 crosses Argentina from north to south with a length of 5,194 km from Cabo Virgenes to Quiaca, border with Bolivia. This mythical road borders the Andes and in some sections meets El Camino del Inca.

This route is well known for crossing National Parks and for leading whoever wants to adventure in its demines through stunning and picturesque landscapes that go from the Puna to the Glaciers of the South, ascending to almost 5000 meters in the passage of the Abra del Acay, driving on high winds and experience the most pure silences.

We hope that this photographic trip through Route 40 inspires you to travel along it.

Argentina is a country with a beauty hard to describe; its diversity and its landscapes have left us with open mouth in countless times.

What is the route, landscape or country that have surprised you the most?

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