Change of plans, we go to America

We will drive the Panamerica Road from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska

On July 16th we crossed the border between Bulgaria and Turkey. Apparently the borders were just opened a few hours before we drove through, and despite a small uncertainty caused by the lack of information about the real situation that was going on in the streets of Turkey, this was our route.

By now, almost 3 months had passed since we have had an interview with the Pakistan Ambassador in Madrid to apply for the visa. We had read that other travellers have had problems to get this document, but after the morning at the Embassy in Madrid, all the paperwork and documents we had to fill, photocopies, a very detailed route we gave to cross the country and lots of information that we had collected from other travelers, we thought we wouldn´t have greater problem to get the visa.

But, we were wrong.

The Ambassador told us we should get back in touch with them within a month, after that time everything would be solved. Today, we know it is what you are told when the visa is not going to be given to you.

As we travelled, we sent emails to the Embassy, but those were never answered. We made dozens of phone calls, sometimes nobody answered the phone, some other we were put on hold until we could only wait for another 30 minutes or either hung up. In one occasion they asked us for our phones numbers in order to contact us soon after. But the call was never returned, in fact, they have our contact details since the interview in Madrid.

Today it is the closest we have got to get our visa.

During a phone conversation, we asked the person who is in charge of the visas if we could apply for it in another country, the gentleman encouraged us to do so, perhaps because he already knew that it was not very likely we could get it. Anyway we did so, but the answer given by the Embassy of Pakistan in Greece and Turkey was as follows: “To apply for a visa to Pakistan, please contact the the Embassy of Pakistan in Madrid”

At this point we start thinking about different alternatives/routes:

Turkey- Georgia – Russia-Kazakhstan and from China to India.

To cross China with your own vehicle you need to hire a guide and follow an organized trip.
15 days 4000€ per person, traveling within a group.


Ferry from Iran to India for the van and flight tickets for us.

Price 3500€ aprox 2 people and the van. We get in touch with other travelers who have already done it, based on their experiences they advise us against it. Many setbacks, for some of them the vehicle arrived to a different port, the rates and prices can vary enormously, you never really know the final price, and the shipping company doesn’t seem very enthusiastic with this service.


Africa. Crossing from Turkey to Egypt by ferry.

The information that we find is very confusing, and perhaps we need time to plan a trip to Africa.


America, from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska

An option that we had in mind long ago. The van has to be shipped from Germany to Montevideo, with SeaBridge, a company that ships motorhomes all over the world. It takes 4 weeks for the van to arrive at Montevideo, we have a month to plan our route, and we speak the same language. There is no need for a visa and we can stay freely for 3 month in each country.

We have to drive from Turkey back to Germany.

Price 3200 € van and flight tickets.

We will have to make an effort to reduce expenses during the trip, but for now,


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