Atacama Desert Road Trip

The hidden treasures of Chile

Treading the desert for the first time is stored in the memory with an overwhelming image. What was three million years ago was a seabed today is the driest desert in the world, enclosed between the Andes mountain range and mountains that rise from the same shore of the Pacific, preventing the nines and sea breeze from touching The sand and soothe the dryness that is felt in each pore of the skin.

But these lands have been and remain the desire of many, until 1879 part of the desert belonged to Bolivia and Peru, but the Pacific War drew a new border that deprived Bolivia of its access to the Ocean and gave Chile a treasure of incalculable value .

After a month in the desert you can not only appreciate the immensity that surrounds you, the geysers that hide at more than 4000 meters of altitude, the flower beds that in recent years attract dozens of travelers, dunes, thermal baths , Religious devotion that is seldom mixed with indigenous dances or mountain ranges and valleys covered with salt or form lunar landscapes and full of colors where the light of sunset is the brush that gives the last touches on a work of art. The incessant desire for the treasure buried under the mountains is also felt, and even more easily. They feel the explosions that every few kilometers raise a big nine of sand and eat space to the mountain in search of gold, copper, iron, silver, boron, lithium, sodium and potassium. The old train is still seen, which barely traverses the more than rusty roads that reach the mine loaded with a greed that has no limits, and the ruins of populations that now, and after taking the juice to the ground, Have become piled stones and abandoned landfills where not so long ago miners barely lived after leaving behind their fields and animals in search of a job that would lead them to a better life. To many of them this road led them to slavery.

The Atacama Desert extends in the Great North of Chile, covering the regions of Arica and Parinacota, Tarapacá, Antofagasta, Atacama and the north of the region of Coquimbo, covering an area of ​​approximately 105,000 km ², is a hostile terrain that arrives beyond what the agencies want to show you, is beauty, wealth, solitude and death.

Here we go! starting coastal desert route


¡On the road!

Sunset on the desert coast

Breakfast on the road!

Turkey vulture

Our garden is the WORLD

Lizards couple


Coastal Desert Villages

Cactus + Lidia

Costal Route

Living is sharing

Incredible Mountain Colours

Shrine everywhere

Stars are coming!

Pan de Azucar National Park

We arrived at the desert hand in Antofagasta

Road to San Pedro de Atacama

In love with the Pachamama

Do not pass

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The eyes of salt flat

Salt Mountains

Somewhere in San Pedro de Atacama

Prety views – Salar de Atacama

The Atacama Giant Geoglyph


ART in the middle of nowhere


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