2017 Overland Highlights

42 Photos of the 2017 on the road

Yeeeah! 2017 has been another great year for us. Here we share 42 photographs with some of the most outstanding and unforgettable moments of our passage through the Americas in the last 12 months.


⭐We began 2017 in the mountains of the Lanín National Park – Argentina

⭐We completed driving the 5,194 km of the famous Route 40

⭐We learned to make pizza on the grill

⭐Lidia fulfilled one of her dreams, see penguins in their natural habitat

⭐We cross the Strait of Magellan

⭐We arrived in Ushuaia, known as the End of the world

⭐For the very first time, we met one of our followers

He knew we were in his city and he went around until he found us.  Ever since a beautiful friendship began

⭐First mechanical problems appear and with it the first stop of the trip against our willing

When we arrive at Punta Arenas, one of the southernmost cities in the world,  (map of where it is) the shock absorber bushings have worn out and needed to be changed. To our surprise, we find out  that throughout South America there is no spare part for our 1994 VW T4 (La Furiosa)

We had to import some spare part from North America, what at first was meant to be 600$ turn out to be 1000$ due to the corruptions in the Customs Service in Chile, together with one the most creepy courier company in the world; FEDEX.

While the package arrived, we are invited to a TV and Radio interview. We also make a lot of friends and start selling postcards that we designed for the very first time.  After a long month waiting for the spare parts to come and many problems in the process, we finally get them but no mechanic is able to change the suspension ball joints. Among all we visit they only manage to change the front shocks absorbers and one ball joint in 5 hours by none stop hammering. We decided it is time for us to learn how to do it by ourselves.

⭐After the bad experience we went through we decide to visit Torres del Paine National Park

The Eighth Wonder of the World

⭐We met a lot of travellers and we share stories

⭐In the middle of it, Where the recovery trucks do not go, a piece of our gear box breaks.

Gear change doesn’t work. We got it fixed with silicone and cable ties. Today it is still on places  after more than 10.000 km on bad roads, will it get to Alaska?

⭐We were amazed by the imposing Perito Moreno, we were speechless

⭐We drove the famous Carretera Austral in Chile

⭐We released our second book “Guide to living the Van Life” for sale

⭐We faced the Driest Desert  in the World – The Atacama Desert

⭐Lidia was sick for 2 months; it made it impossible for us to cross to Bolivia.

Her stomach couldn´t cope with the height, she couldn´t eat. She got very dizzy, her blood pressure dropped and finally she ended up losing 13 kilos.

⭐We arrived in Peru 😊 A country of contrasts. Of great biodiversity. A country we fell in love with.

⭐We visited the Peruvian Amazon. Amazing!

⭐One day, at 3:00 am Lidia had to jump in the van and drive through the city skipping all the traffic lights of Pucallpa to take Javi to the nearest hospital, he was having a severe Abdonimal Colic and dehydrated. Tough moments at the hospital.

⭐We fulfilled the dream of sighting whales in the Pacific Ocean.  Stunning!

⭐We missed a lot our bicycles so we got a handmade roof rack for LA Furiosa and bought two cheap bikes

⭐Crossing Ecuador we add 26 countries travelled by our camper van

⭐We helped in a monkey rescue center, it was really unforgettable to share time with those cute little animals

⭐After 14 months in South America we returned to Spain for a few days. We campe to pay a visit to our family and friends. We left the Van parked at the house of friendly woman in Quito.

⭐For the first time we perfome a Travel Talk in front of many people

(Sorry – It is in Spanish)

⭐We left 2017 and welcomed the year to come surrounded by  family and friends

⭐We asked our wishes for 2018 and we delivered them to the Pachamama

What will happen in 2018? Will we arrive to Alaska?

No one knows 😊

Thanks to everyone who follows our world trip.

Thanks for sharing, leave us a comment and drop us an email to contact directly.

It has been great to meet many of you on the road. Thank you!